Who should own innovation in your organization?

When I think about who should ‘own’ or manage innovation, and where it should reside in an organization, I believe the answer is obviously “It depends.”There cannot be a single answer for these

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Four Habits of Highly Persuasive Brands

Boys do it. Girls do it. The poor and rich do it. Babies do it. Old folk do it. Even the lame and sick do it.Bing does it. Google does it. The public and private do it. Startups do it. Washed-ups do

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Sell It In Seven Words Or Less

Sell It In Seven Words Or LessThe headline for this article is just seven words. If you have anything to do with marketing, sales or are interested in selling your ideas you might have been

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What a Startup Can Learn from the Conquistadores

You may be familiar with the quote “burn the ships”. It’s very much used in modern business (sometimes abused) especially in connection to company culture, startups and life hacking. I have always

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Are you driving the bus?

Is your organisation dealing with change at the moment? Of course it is. How are your people dealing with it? Some are probably struggling.The thing about change is that you can see it either as a

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Unzip Your Success! 5 Types of Planning Every Small Business Needs to Succeed

Small business entrepreneurs are familiar with start-up planning, exit strategy planning, and strategic planning. Of course, being familiar with and actually performing key success development

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Are You the Roadblock To Your Marketing Team’s Success?

The digital marketing train is pulling out of the station, and marketers who haven’t fully jumped on yet are trying furiously to make the change – but many don’t know how.In March 2014, Adobe

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Home prices rising, but still a ways to go

Waiting for rising home values to get back to the boom years? Don’t get too excited — it’s going to be a while. …

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Atlantic City doomed by glut of casinos in region

The rapid disintegration of Atlantic City’s casino market might be an early indicator of what could happen in other parts of the country that have too many casinos and not enough gamblers. …

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Wealthy New Yorkers Can’t Afford to Move

People leave the city for many reasons. But the richest don’t stray far.

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