U.S. home prices rose at slower pace in July

Real estate data provider CoreLogic said Tuesday that prices rose 7.4 percent in July from July 2013. That was slightly below June’s year-over-year increase of 7.5 percent and far below a recent peak of 11.9 percent in February …

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Data-gathering in Las Vegas could offer big payoff - The Boston Globe

In the just-published book “What Stays in Vegas,” Adam Tanner, a fellow at the Harvard Institute for Quantitative Social Science, takes a tour of Caesars Entertainment, which economist Gary Loveman has built into the biggest gambling company in the world, thanks in part to its loyalty program.

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Real estate in US surging, in India it’s slumping: IMF - The American Bazaar

India’s growth the worst amongst 52 markets globally.

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Meet The World’s Hottest Billionaire Offspring - Business Insider

Larry Busacca/Getty ImagesDonald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump has become an icon all on her own.Life is easy if you’re born to billionaire parents, but it…

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6 Alternatives to Traditional Retirement - US News

Workers are increasingly pursuing creative retirement solutions.

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Bad News for Your Son, Worse News for Your Daughter

You can make your kids’ financial futures much brighter. - Selena Maranjian - Investment planning

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Why You Might Choose to Work in Retirement

"Working" and "retirement." They may seem like a contradiction in terms. Yet, the

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Increasingly, Retirees Dump Their Possessions and Hit the Road

More retired Americans are getting rid of their homes and traveling, with 360,000 of them receiving Social Security benefits at foreign addresses.

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Jessica Alba on fundraising while famous

The movie star turned entrepreneur spoke with Fortune about her eco-friendly home products company The Honest Company and its latest round of venture capital funding.

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Canadian banks enjoy strong earnings boosted by sizzling stock markets

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